Challenges of NLM in the Area of Finance and Sponsorship

The top most priority in the aim and objective of NLM is uplifting the people through Pioneer Evangelism and Church Planting. We desire to send more missionaries and plant more churches for the betterment of the society. Other projects like Children Homes, Educational Institutions and Bible Institutes are tools to fulfill the above goal. For the past many years, NLM is facing acute shortage in the support of Pastors, Missionaries, Church Planters and Bible Students. We strive to give first place for missionaries and missionary trainees, but the support we get is very low. Therefore, we are forced to borrow / take loan to keep the missionaries in the field and Bible students in the schools. This has to change. We know that God’s guidance, provision and protection will be there the days to come. We are aware that God has to move in hearts of his saints to give financial support to the mission wing of NLM. We do also hope and pray that our native churches and believers will rise to the occasion and will extend greater support in the days to come

Our graduates have proved themselves to be some of the best missionaries in our great country. Our intention is to produce Pauline Pastors, Expository Preachers and Passionate Pioneer Church Planters for the Lord. The quality of teaching and the family atmosphere on campus has attracted students from more than 15 states of India and from Nepal. In the past 25 years Trivandrum Bible College has commissioned and sent out more than 500 missionaries. They serve the Lord in some of the most difficult places of our country and among some of the most primitive people. Some of the graduates are giving very efficient service for the Lord through various organizations and churches


The secret that gives great excitement and jubilation to NLM is the “Excitement of Christian mission”. That secret is the God declared fact that evangelization of the world will surely completed. It is a sad fact that there are yet more than ten thousand people groups that have not heard the gospel. They have no organized churches. But our Lord has commanded that we should preach the gospel and make disciples from every tribe and tongue. Bringing souls to the kingdom of God is the greatest joy for a true believer. Our excitement is that we can train, support and send missionaries to more tribes and language. God will surely save souls from every tribe. NLM believes that we have a role to play in the completion of this task. God did already use NLM to reach several tribes with the gospel. No one can stop it. Victory is sure. We are excited. God had been faithful. He is our EBENEZER.