Educational Institutions

NLM tries to make sure that the children in “Gilgal Homes” go to our own schools for their studies. Often it is unsafe to send them to public schools. In our NLM schools we try to give them excellent Education and also good spiritual training. We do give emphasis to the proper growth of each child in body, soul and mind. Each year “Evangelistic Week” is held in our schools with Gospel Preaching counseling and disciplining programs. Each year we see many souls saved. This is exciting and rewarding.

In our schools, we have Daily Devotion, Bible Classes and Chapel Times. Good number of the teachers and wardens are our own products from Trivandrum Bible College. We are indeed happy about the excellent performance of Mount Carmel School, Churchandpur, New Life Matriculation School in Pappakudi and New Life Academy in Uchathol. In each place the administrators are our own products.. Praise is to God.